Welcome to the Chulbom Lee group at SNU

  Our program is broadly based on modern synthetic chemistry. We are developing synthetic tools (reactions and reagents) and networks of reactions (synthetic strategies) for efficient and selective chemical synthesis. In particular, we focus on the development of chemical transformations that can resolve longstanding synthetic problems and offer new mechanistic vistas for future development in organic synthesis. Our investigations are also concerned with the synthesis of natural products with complex molecular architecture and significant biological activities. Our goal is to establish synthetic roadmaps to the target molecules, to evolve new synthesis logics, and to uncover the molecular bases for the peculiar properties of these compounds.

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Bldg. 503, Room #602 (Lab), Room #622 (Office)
Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University
Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-747, Republic of Korea

Tel : +82-2-880-4346 (Lab), +82-2-883-4346 (Administrative office)
e-mail : mkson0518@snu.ac.kr (Administrative assistant)

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